Couples Therapy

There are many reasons why couples seek treatment over the course of a relationship. From improving communication skills to increasing emotional and physical connections or processing a betrayal, couples therapy can help you and your partner achieve your goals. If your relationship is under stress, consider coming in for an assessment or schedule a couples therapy appointment to get started with therapy to enhance your connection and increase your skills for handling these challenges.


Couples therapy can help you and your partner:

  • Respond in a more flexible and adaptive way when faced with stress.

  • Be more present and engaged with your partner.

  • Be less reactive to negative thoughts and feelings.

  • Identify what narratives you are responding to and respond more in line with your values.

  • Decrease arguing and conflict.

  • Improve healthy and effective communication.

  • Process and deal with infidelity.

  • Prepare for marriage or other relationship transitions.